We want 

Many utopians and dreamers
I have joined the club!
Are you too ready?
Yes, we dream, and those are so wonderful!
Yes we clamor for those utopias
Wrapped under the discourteous carpet of history

Of science, and progress
The history where wars, swords and discordant words 
Set the discourse and erect more and more suffocating structures
State replacing the State with more brutal power 
Monarch replacing the Monarch, with more archaic cyphers
All under the garb of, and chilling thoughts

Of Liberty, freedom, equality and progress

I want my utopians back, and my dreamers
let them dream and die
Instead of being aids of the Tyrants

And suffering the torrents of mindless philosophies
Yes, for centuries we have seen
The promises of liberators
Who crushed us all under the same shoes
Only the colors differed

Let the human reason prevail
Let not swords and guns decide our destiny
Let not artificial contradictions divide us
Let Truth, Peace and Non-violence blossom
Let’s learn together, let’s grow together
Let’s us live in harmony – one for all and all for the one

I want my utopians and dreamers back

Who have been ridiculed by those scientific giants?

Under the guise of action
Yet, I never cared for ridicule

I have joined the club of those beloved utopians!
Are you too ready?

And what do we do?
We dream and invite all into that colorful world of dreams!
Yes, we are utopians and dreamers
we don’t have threatening themes!
And swords, guns and armies!
We are one, and each one is we!!!

Dr. A. Raghu Kumar
Utopian & Dreamer